A Brief Synopsis of E'drick Brown's Case

            After fighting their case for approximately two years from inside the Sacramento County Jail, a jury found E'drick Brown and Anthony Martinez guilty of attempted murder (though nobody was actually injured in the incident, they were accused of...let alone "almost murdered." In reality, a single bullet penetrated the vehicle's door the alleged victims were driving in...which none of the occupants could positively identify neither E'drick or Anthony as being the shooter.) and robbery charges (which the sole witness in the entire case was the alleged victim who admitted in court to lying to the police on multiple occasions regarding the case, prior and during the trial!) Despite everything mentioned above, on February 25, 2005, the trial judge ignored all pleas from E’drick and Anthony’s lawyers stating that they were innocent and their trial was unfair and a violation of their constitutional rights due to the improper joiner of defendants (forcing E’drick and Anthony to stand trial together rather than separating them and giving them their own trial and jury to assess the “evidence” against them on an individual scale. The trial judge did this because the likelihood of obtaining a conviction almost tripled by forcing them to stand trial together) and wrongfully consolidating the two cases when neither crime had any correlation or reason to be tried as one case in front of one jury in a single trial. (The courts gave the jury an impossible task by forcing them to try two cases that had absolutely nothing to do with one another and expecting them not to be bias when deciding either case despite the inflammatory accusations of gang involvement regarding the attempted murder case that didn’t apply to the robbery case. The attempted murder charge was beefed up with a Norteno gang enhancement despite the fact that E’drick Brown is an African American and clearly not a part of any Mexican street gang. The trial judge consolidated both cases because he knew that the court didn’t have enough evidence to convict neither E’drick nor Anthony on any crime if they were to be tried separately. And by the court putting two defendants in a consolidated case with a bogus gang enhancement attached to only one of the cases, in front of one jury, they were statistically guaranteed a guilty verdict despite the obvious lack of evidence of actual guilt from either defendant).

                E’drick Brown and Anthony need our support in their case or the court system will just continue to overlook their wrongdoings and proceed to ignore the laws of our Nation that protects us all from discrimination and injustice. Innocence or guilt is ok to be questioned in any case. But what should NEVER be up for debate is whether or not a person deserves a fair trial as the U.S. constitution guarantees them…rather, as the U.S. constitution guarantees us all. E’drick and Anthony got railroaded and sentenced to more time in prison than a majority of the cold hearted murderers, for a crime where nobody was even bruised. To top that off, neither E’drick nor Anthony ever had a criminal record prior to this case. I’m sorry but the E’drick I know, is the E’drick you know, who isn’t the E’drick the court and this case is making him out to be. But one thing is for sure… the E’drick WE know is sitting in prison right now with faith that can move a mountain and is depending on us to stand up for him and let him know he hasn’t and never will be forgotten by showing our support. I do know that over the years some of you.. I mean some of us, may have not been the friend to either E’drick or Anthony that they have in us, and we know that in our hearts. But in life there does come a time to where one positive thing you do will overshadow all the negative ones and when someone you have love for calls upon for your help and you show…the past becomes the past and all is forgiven. Well..this is that moment for a lot of us. God wouldn’t have allowed all this to happen if it wasn’t a part of His plan. So lets come together and do the right thing for our friend in need. Thank You!

                *Side note: March 16, 2010…five years after the trial; a man came forward in a sworn affidavit and stated that the attempted murder case happened right in front of his house and he seen who the shooters were…which 100% was not E’drick Brown nor Anthony Martinez.

ATTENTION to all E'drick Brown's supporters!

Your support and assistance is needed! After being denied justice for 10 years (I am now 28), from 11 different judges, in more than 12 different courthouses…God has finally blessed our beloved friend, E’drick Brown, with an Oral Hearing court date on January 17, 2013! The location where the hearing will be held at is at the end of this post. For the first time since February 25, 2005, E’drick Brown’s case will be argued live in front of a three panel judge who will have 90 days after the oral hearing to render a judgement that will either overturn E’drick’s case, or affirm his conviction. To put all this in perspective, only 5% out of every 1,000 cases pending appeals get granted an oral hearing on their merits in the second highest court in our entire justice system, as E’drick’s case just did. But due to E’drick being incarcerated in a maximum security prison, they will not allow him to physically attend this miracle court date. So this is where we… his friends, family, supporters, and even the ones that really don’t know him that well, but are willing to stand up for what’s right…take a stand for E’drick and make our presence be felt! For the people who are unable to travel to San Fransisco, CA to attend the court date, but still want to show support on the behalf of E’drick and his whole family, we ask you all to leave a brief, but encouraging message on Linnea Johnson’s (E’drick’s attorney) e-mail at your earliest convenience. An example of what to say will be at the end of this post. Also, for the ones that cannot travel to the court date, there will be a website that airs what transpires in court live for those who want to follow along. Once I get the specific web address, I will post it as an update. E’drick’s attorney, Ms. Johnson, has only been working on his appeal for a little under a year, and some where in the level of effort, determination, and expertise, she invests and delivers in this oral argument lies the keys to E’drick’s freedom. So it’s very important for us to ensure her that she’s fighting for a man that’s both worthy and deserving of his freedom.

                We can do this by letting her know, as a whole, that we all are standing behind her and E’drick 100%. That way she’ll know that she’s fighting for more than just an inmate who’s case has been getting swept under the rug for the past decade. Right now, the courts have made it loud and clear that E’drick Brown is scheduled to die in prison. He was sentenced to 39 years to life not only for a crime he didn’t commit, but for a crime to where nobody even got physically injured. To top that off, at trial all the victims testimony was proven to be unreliable, and no other evidence was presented at all that linked E’drick Brown or Anthony Martinez (E’drick’s Co-defendant) to any crimes. Simply put, he was railroaded! As of now, the Appeals Courts won’t focus on E’drick’s innocence since he was found guilty by a jury. What they’re focusing on is the court procedures that the lower court neglected during trial which may have violated E’drick Brown’s constitutional right to a fair trial. (Read the brief synopsis of E’drick’s case to get a better understanding). So on January 17, 2013, if Ms. Johnson can prove this violation, then the Court of Appeals will be forced to reverse E’drick’s conviction and give him a fair trial. But make no mistake! The level of commitment it’s going to take for Ms. Johnson to win this appeal is the commitment she would put forward if it were her own freedom at stake. One thing is for sure, if we stand together…we can make a difference! Not only for E’drick and Anthony, but for all of our unfortunate friends, family, and loved ones who may be subjected to injustice in the future who are dealing with our flawed criminal justice system. Thank you for your time and understanding.


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E'drick Brown (V-70186)

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P.O. Box 290066

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**If you have facebook you can respond on if you are able to come to his court date or not at the following address:


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